Run On Timers For Exhaust Fans

Run on timers for exhaust fans are designed to keep the fan operating beyond the point of you switching the fan off. This ensures that the room is ventilated adequately.

When would I need one?

Run on timers are popular for rental properties, as generally tenants may not be as vigilant as homeowners when it comes to leaving the fan on until all steam has been removed from the bathroom. If the fan is not left operating for long enough then over time this can create issues covered in this blog post.

They can also be popular if you have the fan wired to a light switch – invariably when you leave the bathroom you will turn the light switch off – therefore the run on timer ensures that the fan stays operating beyond this period.

What Run on Timer options do you have?

We sell two types of run on timers:

The first is an adjustable 2-30 minute run on timer. This gives you the ability to pick exactly how long you want the fan to run for (as long as its between 2-30 mins). This would need to be wired by an electrician and is compatible with most fans that we sell, including inline options.

The second option is a fixed 7 minute run on timer. This is a fixed 7 minute timer and is only compatible with fans that have an axial motor. If you are unsure of compatibility its always best to ask us, however with products that are compatible with this fan we will have the timer listed as an accessory.

Please note: All run on timers will need to be hardwired to the fan/motor by a qualified electrician.