New Fanco 150 Quiet Exhaust Fan

Introducing the new 150 Quiet exhaust fan by Fanco! This fan is a high quality unit which has been specifically engineered to operate very quietly. The unit offers a high level of IP rating (IP45) with anti vibration components which eliminates the noise associated with motor vibration, which can be prevalent in other models. The Fanco 150 quiet is equipped with a high quality ball bearing motor which ensures a long life expectancy as well as maintaining high levels of performance.

quiet exhaust fan exploded diagram

The quiet fan has a relatively powerful motor, with an output of 315 m3/hr on the high speed. The fan has two speeds, meaning it can be wired to either this high speed or a lower speed which achieves 220 m3/hr. The fan can be ducted using 150mm duct and is a popular choice for customers who are looking for a high quality ceiling or wall mounted exhaust fan.

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