Bathroom Lighting

Welcome to our range of bathroom lighting. At Pure Ventilation we offer a range of lighting options for your bathroom, including exhaust fans with built in lighting, as well as IP rated downlights and vanity lights. If you are renovating a bathroom and looking to upgrade your lighting look no further than Pure Ventilation!

How To Choose Bathroom Lights

Transform your bathroom from a purely functional space into the most relaxing and luxurious room in the house with the right bathroom lights. With a choice of bathroom wall lights, downlights or even a three in one unit, there are endless possibilities for how to light your bathroom. The right lighting depends on your personality and the way you plan to use the space.
Placing light fixtures in the best spot for your needs is the first step to perfect bathroom lighting. You need to tailor your lighting to the way you intend to use the space. For example, setting a vanity light over or around the mirror provides flattering light for members of the household to get ready for the day, whether this means applying makeup or just brushing teeth. In contrast, downlights are great for lighting up the whole room, but not necessarily right for the vanity and mirror area. A lot of people choose a combination of light fixtures, allowing for flexibility in the way that they use the space.