SolarArk Solar Powered Roof Ventilator SAV30


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Capacity: 3,150 m3/hr (52.5 m3/min)
Dimensions: Base = 570mm x 570mm, Height = 215mm, Opening = 345mm
Installation: Designed for high airflow extraction requirements. For lower airflow models see SolarArk SAV20T & SolarArk SAV20.
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SolarArk technical specs sheet

SolarArk solar roof vents are an effective and very efficient way of ventilating the hot air inside roof spaces during hot summer days. The SAV30 model utilizes a quiet brushless DC motor to extract an impressive 3,150 m3/hr. Not only does this ventilation reduce the temperature in the roof space and living space inside, it also reduces the chance of mould and condensation growing inside your roof space.

The SAV30 features a compact design and features a higher airflow rate – making it ideal for larger roof spaces in homes, warehouses, offices, sheds and halls. Its integrated auto shut off function if the temperature drops below 24°C to preserve roof space heat in colder months means that you won’t have to worry about turning the fan on and off! Most impressive is that the SolarArk Solar Roof fans have no running costs at all due to being 100% solar powered!


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