Sub Floor Problems

Inadequate sub floor ventilation can cause many long term issues, a badly ventilated sub floor will become a breeding ground for mould which may lead to rotting and serious structural issues. This week Andy looks into sub floor ventilation. The purpose of a underfloor ventilation system for your home is to extract the damp, humid […]

Commercial Wall And Pedestal Fans For A Gym, Warehouse or Industrial Environment

Do you need a cooling fan for your gym, warehouse or commercial environment? At Pure Ventilation we have a wide range of commercial wall and pedestal fans designed for use in such areas. The following post will briefly explain why these products are so well suited for this application, along with detailing the range of […]

Is Your Home Prone to Condensation & Dampness?

Condensation? Mould? Mildew? Dampness? Are you seeing water on the inside of your windows? Condensation can be a big problem especially in winter when moisture found in the air collides with cold surfaces. Many households find condensation on windows and walls that can potentially cause harmful mould and mildew build-up. Small apartments are often prime […]