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We have a large selection of ventilation accessories including flexible ducting, insulated ducting, vents, grilles, controllers, remotes and plugs. If you are looking for accessories for a particular fan you wish to purchase from us, we have compiled a list of recommended accessories that go with each product which can be found at the bottom of most product pages.

You can use the category buttons below to narrow down your search for exhaust fan accessories. Alternatively all products are listed below the buttons (you can further narrow your search using the options available on the left sidebar).

Please be aware that some accessories will require installation by a qualified electrician, even if you are purchasing them to use in conjunction with a fan  which is otherwise suitable for a DIY install (has a lead and plug).

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  • The Deflecto Lint Trap Kit is for indoor dryer venting. It involves quick and easy installation fitting all clothes dryers however cannot be used with gas clothes dryers. Included in the kit is the lint trap, Supurr-Flex Metallic Duct and 2 Clamps. This particular venting kit is for indoor use only.

    Performance Notes:

    • Melting Point: 325°F+ for container.
    • Operating Temperature: 265°F for duct.
    • May require open doors in small rooms for adequate heat distribution.

    Please Note: An electrician will be required to install this product
    spec sheet