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We have a large selection of ventilation accessories including flexible ducting, insulated ducting, vents, grilles, controllers, remotes and plugs. If you are looking for accessories for a particular fan you wish to purchase from us, we have compiled a list of recommended accessories that go with each product which can be found at the bottom of most product pages.

You can use the category buttons below to narrow down your search for exhaust fan accessories. Alternatively all products are listed below the buttons (you can further narrow your search using the options available on the left sidebar).

Please be aware that some accessories will require installation by a qualified electrician, even if you are purchasing them to use in conjunction with a fan  which is otherwise suitable for a DIY install (has a lead and plug).

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  • A plastic multi directional 4 way vent commonly used in conjunction with air conditioning systems. The vent has four small parts with shutters that can be opened and closed to a desired degree. This vent also comes with a connecting rear boot that will allow the vent to join up to 400mm diameter ducting. The rear boot will connect to 400mm flexible ducting. The boot is a rounded square shape, so solid round piping will not connect directly. This boot simply clips into the frame of the vent.

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  • This 6m length of flexible duct can be cut down to suit required length. For best airflow, it is recommended to keep the duct tight, as short as possible, avoid sharp turns and keep duct as round in shape (do not squash it).
    Choose the duct size to suit the exhaust fan and for best airflow, use same size or bigger duct than required by the fan.
    This is non-insulated ducting (please see alternative product listings for insulated ducting if required).

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  • This is a special order item – please allow 3-4 days for dispatch.

    A circular LVH44C intumescent fire damper (400mm diameter). The LVH44C damper comes fitted in a 360mm long metal sleeve. The intumescent grille combines air movement with fire protection. In everyday use, air can pass freely through the grille to allow good ventilation. In the event of a fire, the intumescent expands, fusing the grille into a solid barrier that stops fire spreading. Product is approved to AS1530.4 2014