How to Replace an Old Tastic Exhaust Fan?

    • Do you need to replace your old bathroom tastic fan? Tastic fans have been around for a while and are the name commonly used for exhaust fans which have the functionality of a light and heater. The name tastic originates from the IXL Tastic, but is commonly used to refer to all units which have this functionality.

The first option you have is to replace the whole fan with a new tastic 3 in 1 unit. There are many options available on the market nowadays with many different manufacturers. Some examples would be Ventair, Martec and Mercator. The most important thing to do is remove your old tastic and measure the hole size in the plasterboard ceiling. You can then use our website to find a model with either the same size hole or a larger hole than your old tastic. With so many models available it is highly likely a replacement can be found.

tastic exhaust fan replacement

You should also have a think about the motor capacity. You can use our exhaust calculator, this will provide you with a guide for the extraction rate you should try to achieve.

Many old style tastic fans are ducted units, meaning they are connected to some form of inline fan. If you are only looking to replace this motor suitable replacements can be found on our inline fan section. If only the inline fan has stopped working you may just be able to remove the old one and swap it with one of our new motors. Just measure the diameter of the ducting currently connected to your tastic and look for an inline fan from our range with the same diameter ducting.

Most tastic units are wired to either a 3 gang or 4 gang switch. A 3 gang switch is used with units that have 2 heat lamps, whereas a 4 gang switch will be used with a 4 heat lamp unit. Gang simply refers to the number of switches on the wall plate, for example on a 4 gang switch you will have a switch for the fan, one for the light, one for 2 heat lamps and one for the remaining 2 heat lamps. This is something you should consider when replacing an old unit. If you take out an old 3 gang unit and replace it with a new 4 gang unit you will need to replace the switch on the wall and run extra wiring. This could be an extra cost for you to factor into the replacement.

It is possible to buy replacement parts for some old tastic fans, however with very old units it may be preferable to replace the whole thing. Over time components can corrode, plus the new technology means you can get a unit with features such as LED lighting or flat heating elements.

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