Rangehood Kit with Roof Cowl Kit – 200mm Tiled Roof

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This basic rangehood accessory kit designed to exhaust through the roof – the kit consists of:fire resistant
1x 3m of 200mm semi rigid 'fire rated' ducting
2x metal worm clamps 200mm
1x Roof cowl kit 200mm (tiled roof) – note colour of cowl kit is silver, not the dark colour shown in image

*Installation by a professional is highly recommended* If you need more ducting we have extra 3m lengths listed as an accessory below.
Roof Cowl Information:
Roof Cowl Kits are designed for either metal or tile roof installations. The kits come complete with a cowl, 60cm long flue (30 gauge galvanised steel), suitable roof flashing and mounting ties. The unique design of these cowls provides efficient air exhaust expulsion, It also offers superior protection from rain, back drafts and rodents – unlike regular open type roof cowls. The mushroom cowl is aluminium. The cowl slips over the roof pipe to prevent rain water running down the inside of the pipe.
Ducting Information:
Supplied with the most efficient type of flexible ducting – Semi-Rigid aluminium ducting holds its full diameter and form when bent into shape, and also offers a superior temperature range to that of flexible foil type ducting. You can shorten ducting length with sharp knife if required. Conversely it can be extended with additional duct, sleeve and clamps.


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Rangehood Kit with Roof Cowl Kit – 200mm Tiled Roof