Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Our top 5 bathroom exhaust fans available in 2021. Based on design, functionality, performance and popularity.

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1 . Fanco Luna & Metro Ceiling Exhaust Fan

The Luna & Metro ceiling exhaust fans use the same motor, the only difference is the shape of the fascia. The Luna has a round cover and the metro has a square cover. Both fans meet all relevant criteria that a ceiling mounted fan should achieve, the fan looks modern with its attractive low profile fascia. The fan operates quietly, comes with a backdraft shutter and comes with a lead and plug, meaning that it will simply plug into a powerpoint for easy installation.

2. Fanco Chico Exhaust Fan Range

Available in either white or brushed aluminium the Chico exhaust fan is a very attractive, compact designer exhaust fan available in 3 different sizes. The fan can be ceiling mounted or wall mounted and comes with a small backdraft shutter at the back of the unit. The smaller size models (100, 125mm) are popular to use in small ensuites and toilets, whereas the 150mm is typically used for bathrooms and laundries.

3. Ventair Airbus Range

The Ventair Airbus is a popular range as it is mix and match, meaning the motor and cover are separate parts. This means a number of finishes can be achieved, that could be square face, round face and three capacity sizes to choose from depending on the size of your bathroom. The airbus is a great fan to use if you have a long duct run, the fan motor has been specifically engineered to tolerate the pressure long duct runs create. You can buy the fan in white, black or silver. All models have built in backdraft shutters as standard.

With Square Fascia

With Round Fascia

4. Panasonic DC Ceiling Ventilator

The Panasonic FV-24JR2 is a high quality DC (direct current) ceiling exhaust fan packed with some wonderful features. The fan consumes only 8w on high speed at only 31 dB(A). The unit has a built in 15 minute run on timer, no external timer is required. The fan also features a clever 24 hour setting, which can be configured by the end user and allows for the fan to operate continuously on a setting which only consumes 3.6w at 20 dB(A). Perfect for areas suffering from mould or moisture issues as the unit will provide round the clock ventilation very quietly.

5. Fanco Quiet 150

The Quiet 150 is a ceiling or wall mounted exhaust fan which has been specifically engineered to operate quietly. The unit has a capacity of 315m3/hr, it is a two speed motor and on the low speed the unit has a capacity of 220m3/hr. The desired capacity is achieved by wiring the fan to the relevant speed setting. This fan is relatively unique as it has anti vibration technology which helps to further reduce noise generated from the motor.