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Window Exhaust Fans

Choosing A Window Exhaust Fan

Window exhaust fans are another economical way of ventilating a space. They are a particularly popular choice for apartment blocks, where roof ventilation is not possible. When installed correctly, window fans will help ventilate an area by exhausting directly to the outside. They are most commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens, but practically they can be used for any exhaust application.

If you are replacing an existing window fan you will need to remove the fan and measure the hole size. You will not be able to work out a suitable replacement by simply measuring the cover size, for example. If you are not replacing an old fan (new installation) you will need to hire a glazier to cut the required hole size in the glass. Each product listing has the hole size and capacity listed – from this information you can determine suitability based on your hole size and or room size. You can hire an electrician to wire the fan to an on/off switch.

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