Portable Cooling Fans

Welcome to Our Range of Cooling Fans!

Whether you need a desk fan, wall fan, floor fan or a strong fan for commercial purposes, Pure Ventilation has a variety of fans to suit your needs. Our Pedestal and wall fans are the perfect choice for domestic use, a pedestal is fully portable so can be used anywhere in the house. They are particularly popular for bedrooms when used on the lowest speed setting. Our desk fans are popular for a workplace or simply at home to keep you cool as you work!

Our commercial pedestal and wall fans are a popular choice for a variety of commercial/industrial applications including gyms, fitness classes, warehouses or pretty much anywhere that requires high levels of air movement to aid cooling. Our drum fan is also a huge air mover.

Finally a misting fan will aid cooling by projecting a fine mist in the direction of the user. Use the buttons below to narrow down your search by cooling fan category!

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