Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Exhaust Fans For Your Bathroom

At Pure Ventilation we stock a range of bathroom fans, suitable for small, medium or large bathrooms. A bathroom exhaust fan is a necessary addition to any bathroom as inadequate ventilation can result in problems with damp, which can lead to mold and germs amongst other things. A correctly selected exhaust fan will reduce these problems by providing a steady number of air changes and exhausting the ‘stale’ air from the bathroom.

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How to Choose a Bathroom Fan

Use our quick and easy exhaust fan calculator to help you pick the perfect fan. The size of the bathroom (measured in m3) is the most important factor when determining which bathroom exhaust fan you should pick. The exhaust fan should ideally achieve at least 10 air changes per hour. As a general rule of thumb to you can multiply the length of your bathroom by the width and height (L x W x H) to give you a figure in m3. Multiply this figure by 10 to work out the required capacity of the bathroom fan.Obviously this figure is only an estimation, you may wish to consider a bathroom exhaust fan with a higher capacity if the room is prone to misting, or if you enjoy long hot showers. View our list of best bathroom fans here.

How to Install a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

We offer exhaust fans suitable for wall, ceiling or window installation. There are many different styles of bathroom exhaust fans available with many designed to complement the décor of bathrooms and toilets. You will notice that each bathroom exhaust fan on our website is packed with lots of useful information, including the necessary hole size, capacity and other relevant technical information to help you choose the right exhaust fan for your bathroom.

Bathroom exhausts are commonly ducted to the outside, however many people decide to simply exhaust into a roof-space or cavity. When connecting a bathroom fans to ducting consideration needs to be given as the length of duct will sometimes impact air capacity, especially on bathroom exhaust fans with smaller capacities. The location of bathroom exhaust fans can also determine how effectively the fan operates.