Toilet Exhaust Fans

A properly ventilated toilet is essential for maintaining a hygienic environment at home or in the office. You need a good quality toilet exhaust fan to remove odour and germs from the air and we are here to help. Whether you’re replacing an existing fan, or need a brand new fan for a renovation, Pure Ventilation has a wide range of stock to meet your needs.

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Toilet Exhaust Fans: How to choose one

Because toilets are usually in small rooms, a small quiet exhaust fan should do the trick. Of course, this depends on your circumstances, so we recommend using our simple exhaust fan calculator to decide which fan you need. The room’s size (measured in m3) is the most important factor to determine which exhaust fan is suitable for your toilet. But you should also consider the amount of tiling in the room and the moisture levels in the air. For toilets, we recommend aiming for between 6 and 15 air changes per hour, depending on your circumstances.

Generally speaking, the first thing you should do is multiply the room’s length, width and height together (L x W x H). This figure is your room size in cubic metres. Multiply the room size by the amount of air changes you would like to achieve. For example, if you’re aiming for 10 air changes per hour, multiply the room area by 10. This should give you an idea of the capacity of the fan you need. This method will only give you an estimation, but it’s a good guide.

If your toilet is in the same room as a shower or bath you will need a fan with a higher extraction rate, because there will be more moisture in the air. View our list of best bathroom fans here.

How to Install a Toilet Exhaust Fan

We offer exhaust fans for wall, ceiling or window installation. There are many different styles of exhaust fans available with and many are suitable for toilets. The listings on our website are packed with information. Check the specifications for hole size, capacity and other relevant technical information to help you choose the right product.

Sometimes people decide to exhaust into a roof space or cavity but more often, exhaust fans are ducted to the outside. When choosing a fan to connect to ducting, consider the length of duct. If the duct is quite long, you may need a fan with a higher capacity. To get the best performance out of your fan, try to keep the ducting nice and straight. The fan’s installation location can also determine how effectively it operates.

Kits for Toilet Exhaust Fans

We’ve put together a range of air extraction kits, including several which are suitable for use in toilets. This kits come intended for DIY install and include a small exhaust fan, ducting and other accessories. Please be aware that if you don’t currently have an available power-point or require a switch, you will need an electrician for installation.