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Roof Exhaust Fans

Choosing A Roof Fan – Roof Exhaust Fan

Roof Exhaust fans are a great solution where there is limited installation space for a fan, or to move the fan motor outside the room to reduce the noise generated. They are suitable for a range of applications – from bathrooms and toilets to range-hood alternatives. Our roof exhaust fans have varying capacities and we have particular models for installation for both metal and tiled roofs to suit your particular needs.

There are two primary roof fan variants:

  • Axial fans – suitable for small-medium spaces (toilet, powder room, laundry)
  • Centrifugal fans – suitable for larger spaces and range-hood alternatives

Calculating Volume
Calculate the area of the room you wish to install the roof exhaust fan (Length x Width x Height). Then multiply this number by the number of air changes required (approximately 10 for a standalone toilet and 15 for a shower). This will give you the approximate capacity (or airflow) required to ventilate the room.

Looking for a roof fan ventilation kit to remove hot air from your roofspace? Click Here to view our range of kits

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