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floor fans


Our floor fan range is growing! We have commercial and semi-commercial floor fans as well as our latest designer domestic model, the OTTO featuring a beautifully oiled ecological bamboo frame which goes so elegantly with the black fan.

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  • The Stadler Form Paul Fan Heaterk has a modern, compact form and was designed in Switzerland. Use the easy to operate touch panel or included remote control to select your preferred temperature from the range available and utilise the adaptive heat technology when on auto-mode to maintain that desired heat level. Rather than fluctuating by turning on and off as a standard heater would the Paul softly continues to operate to keep the space at your pre-selected temperature. In order to reach the set temperature you are able to choose from 8 heat output settings varying in energy use from 800W to 2000W. That's not all! It has a 2 in 1 Cooling/Heating function which allows for it to be used as a fan for additional cooling on those warm summer days when the heating mode is turned off!