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Welcome to our range of heat transfer kits at Pure Ventilation. Heat Transfer systems are used to transfer tempered (hot/cold) air from one room that has a heat source to up to 4 other rooms. Many people find that they have fantastically efficient heating (gas, fire, electric etc.) in one room, typically the living room. This leads to a very comfortable temperature however you will also be left with hot air trapped at ceiling level.

The solution to heating or cooling your house more efficiently…

A heat transfer kit will exhaust excess hot/cold air that would otherwise be wasted and circulate it to nominated rooms. The benefits of a air transfer system include saving energy and removing the need to buy additional heater elements for the other rooms. The key principle is to transfer heat, not to waste it!

How an air transfer kit works:

heat transfer kits

Warm/Cool air is picked up through a ceiling vent which is ideally placed opposite the heating/cooling element to allow the source room to heat/cool first. An Inline fan will then transfer the hot/cold air to the vents in the destination room(s). Our air transfer kits also include insulated ducting, ensuring the kit functions as efficiently as possible. The system can be controlled manually via a wall switch or through a thermostat (controlled by the temperature of the room). These accessories may need to be installed by a qualified electrician. Browse our full range of heat transfer kits below:

Heat Transfer Kits