How to Replace an Existing Window Fan?

replace an old window fan

Is it time for you to replace your existing window exhaust fan? Maybe it has stopped working after many years of loyal service? Maybe it no longer fits in with your interior design ideas? Whatever your reason is for wanting a new window fan Pure Ventilation is here to help!

First Remove the old fan & measure the hole size

First, you will need to measure the size of the hole you have so the new exhaust fan can be selected and installed. This is usually made easier by having the old fan removed by a licensed electrician, however if having the fan removed is not a possibility, removing the front cover and measuring the internal dimension of the fan body can sometimes provide a clue as to what the new fan dimensions need to be. If no current models match your hole size, you may need to replace your glass – see below for how to choose a window fan for a new window.

Replace an existing window fan with one suitable in terms of capacity

You will then need to work out how powerful the fan needs to be to adequately ventilate the room. This is done by calculating the volume of the room in meters and multiplying this figure by the amount of air changes per hour you wish to achieve (we recommend at least 15 air changes), giving you a ‘cubic meters per hour’ figure (m3/hr). Eg 16m3 room x 15 air changes requires a fan 240m3/hr or higher. Use our helpful exhaust fan calculator .

It is also important to remember how your current fan is operated, ie if your fan is hard wired to mains power an electrician will be needed to remove it and also install the new one. If on the other hand your fan plugs into a power-point, you will need to choose a fan that comes with a plug installed. If the fan does not come with a plug as standard our in house electricians can usually install a lead and plug onto a fan for you.

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This article was written on 27th May 2016 by our in house specialist Michael.