180 Degree Motion Sensor – Electrician Required

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The Alphalux 180 Degree Motion Sensor will allow you to have motion triggered lighting or act as a safety and security precaution.

Time Control

Adjustments can be made to the length of time the sensor remains on after being triggered. This can vary from a minimum of 5 seconds to a maximum of 7 minutes depending on what is preferred in a particular location. Once adjusted it will have an immediate effect. Adjustments during the ON cycle should be avoided.

Lux Control

This feature will help to determine at what level of background light the unit will function. For example if dial is moved to the sun position the unit will trigger under full daylight conditions and at the moon then it will only trigger in complete darkness. Therefore, if three quarters between the sun and moon then triggering will occur at dusk.
Initial setup should be done at the time of day you require your lights to illuminate to ensure trigger accuracy to preferred light level.

Distance Control

This function enables control over the distance at which the unit will detect movement. Range available to user is a maximum of 10 metres and a minimum of 1 metre.

Finding an ideal location will assist you in avoiding nuisance triggering. This includes not mounting it close to electrical devices, fluorescent fittings, remote control operated doors, reflective surfaces.
Unit should be a minimum of 2.4 metres above monitored area for best performance and to minimise false triggering of most animals direct above their expected height.

This product must be installed by a qualified electrician and in accordance with appropriate wiring rules and regulations.


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180 Degree Motion Sensor – Electrician Required