Do you need expert advice when it comes to setting up an Exhaust fan system?

At Pure Ventilation we have the expertise to offer a consultancy service meaning you can come to us with your plans or technical information/drawings and a member of staff will liaise with you (over email or phone) so that we can work out the best system to suit your requirements. This typically works for solutions such as heat transfer kits and sub floor kits, as well as inline ventilation systems that may have multiple intake points.

This does not include a site visit – we are only able to work from provided plans and information – if you have concerns around issues that may be environmental or specific – it may not be the right approach for you. In any case we are happy to discuss if you have any questions – we will be able to determine if your requirements are within the scope of what we can offer.

If you wish to proceed with the service – we will require an initial fee of $60 which then becomes a transferrable credit towards your order value of $400 or more.

Contact us to learn more about the service