Rangehood Duct Accessory Kits

If you have a rangehood situated in the kitchen (most commonly over the stove top) chances are you will need to connect the rangehood to ducting so that all the excess steam from cooking is exhausted to the outside. The best way to do this is to purchase a rangehood kit. The kit will contain everything you need to connect your rangehood to ducting and for it to go outside. The process of deciding which kit to purchase is easy:

1) Measure the size of the outlet on your rangehood. Typically it will be sized to accommodate a standard size of ducting, this is usually 100mm, 125mm, 150mm or 200mm.

2) Once you know this size you can pick the appropriate kit. The next decision is do you want to exhaust via the roof or an external wall?

3) You can make your selection of relevant kit by clicking here.

The Importance of using quality Semi Rigid Ducting as opposed to standard flexible ducting:

Pure Ventilation kits are supplied with the most efficient type of flexible ducting – Semi-Rigid aluminium ducting. This holds its full diameter and form when bent into shape, and also offers a superior temperature range to that of flexible foil type ducting. You can shorten ducting length with sharp knife if required. Conversely it can be extended with additional duct, sleeve and clamps.