Run on timers for exhaust fans are designed to keep the fan operating beyond the point of you switching the fan off. This ensures that the room is ventilated adequately.

When would I need one?

Run on timers are popular for rental properties, as generally tenants may not be as vigilant as homeowners when it comes to leaving the fan on until all steam has been removed from the bathroom. If the fan is not left operating for long enough then over time this can create issues covered in this blog post.

They can also be popular if you have the fan wired to a light switch – invariably when you leave the bathroom you will turn the light switch off – therefore the run on timer ensures that the fan stays operating beyond this period.

What Run on Timer options do you have?

We sell two types of run on timers:

The first is an adjustable 2-30 minute run on timer. This gives you the ability to pick exactly how long you want the fan to run for (as long as its between 2-30 mins). This would need to be wired by an electrician and is compatible with most fans that we sell, including inline options.

The second option is a fixed 7 minute run on timer. This is a fixed 7 minute timer and is only compatible with fans that have an axial motor. If you are unsure of compatibility its always best to ask us, however with products that are compatible with this fan we will have the timer listed as an accessory.

Please note: All run on timers will need to be hardwired to the fan/motor by a qualified electrician.

New For Winter 2014 – 3 & 4 Room Heat transfer kits with the Silent TT Inline Fan!

This winter we have added to our extensive range of heat transfer kits by introducing the TT Silent in as a premium 3 room and 4 room heat transfer kit option:

3 Room Premium Silent transfer click here

4 Room Premium Silent transfer click here

Both kits use the new TT Silent 200mm inline fan, a premium quality product that has been engineered to operate quietly. You can view the technical specifications of this silent inline fan here.

The product has a powerful 1020 m3/hr motor whilst only producing 36db(A) worth of noise.

As Australian Ventilation specialists we take pride in having the most extensive range of heat transfer systems using the best quality products at affordable prices. To view all heat transfer kit options please click here.


Heat transfer systems (or air transfer kits) are designed to take warm air from a room with a heat source (something like a wood burner, large fireplace or stove) and transfer this warm air to other rooms in the house. A popular choice for transferring heat is to warm a bedroom before you go to bed, but practically they can be used to take the chill out of any room that does not have its own heat source.

Heat transfer kits are ideal for homes that have open fires or wood burners!

These systems are practical and relatively energy efficient for many reasons. Firstly it means you do not need to install additional heating equipment in other rooms, which saves you the initial expense and running costs involved with this. Secondly, you are transferring heat at its highest point in the source room via the ceiling vent. This means you are making better use of this existing heat. Thirdly the system can also be used to transfer cool air, or to simply provide a cross flow of ventilation throughout the house. The improved circulation of warm dry air can be very beneficial.

Pure Ventilation Tip: It’s best to install the intake grille opposite your heat source (as shown in the heat transfer diagram above). This will allow the room with the heat source to get warm before you transfer the hot air!

At Pure Ventilation we stock heat transfer kits for transfer from one to one room all the way up to one to four rooms and everything inbetween. Our kits all come with the highest quality inline fans, with ball bearing motors suited for continuous running. Furthermore we always supply insulated ducting with our kits, this is essential as it helps retain the heat. BEWARE of cheaper alternatives; non-insulated ducting will not work as effectively! All ceiling diffusers can be manually controlled, meaning you can completely shut one off by rotating the centerpiece (perfect for seldom used living areas such as guest rooms).

You can view our comprehensive range of pre packaged heat transfer kits here.

Optional accessories include a thermostat or speed controller. A thermostat will automate the system, meaning the fan will kick in once the room with the heat source reaches the defined temperature. The speed controller gives you the ability to control the speed of the fan, which may be appropriate if you do not want to run the fan at full speed all of the time. Otherwise you can simply just have your electrician wire the fan to a simple on/off switch.

You can view all accessories here.

Last year we sold many of these kits to lots of happy customers:

Adam from New South Wales Wales:

“We have the Pure Ventilation kit installed, it seems to work great!. We have the thermostat wired in the living room and it kicks in at about 25 degrees (you can set it to anything from 0-30).”

“Installation was pretty simple – we had an electrician wire the fan but I put everything in place (simply cut holes in the plaster for the vents, connecting ducting and everything else was simple!)”


Keeping your home cool indoors when its hot outside can be a problem. With the intense Australian sun beating down on your roof it can cause temperatures to reach uncomfortable levels within the house. This can be alleviated by air conditioning but this is often expensive in terms of running costs.

In summer this trapped air gets hotter and hotter, the roof space ends up becoming a ‘sauna’, conversely in winter a build up of cold air will mean more heating and can result in damaging condensation which can create mould if the roofspace is not correctly ventilated. An unventilated roof space in summer means you are paying electricity costs to cool your home, while allowing your closed up ‘oven’ roof space to get hotter and hotter.

How a well ventilated roof space can help…

Approximately 1/3 of unwanted heat that builds up in your home comes in through the roof. With traditional roofing materials such as tiles and metals this is hard to control without resorting to an expensive solution that may involve complicated structural changes. At Pure Ventilation our answer is a roof ventilation kit. These are relatively inexpensive and can dramatically reduce the temperature of your roof space.

“The most effective method to cool your home is to keep the heat from building up in the first place, a good starting point is the roof space!”

Our kits are designed for a range of different sized roof spaces with options including duct to a vent or roof cowl (both metal and tiled roofs). The kits comprise of an inline fanwhich mechanically pulls the warm air from the roofspace and exhausts it to the outside. You also have passive vents strategically positioned to allow fresh air to enter the roofspace. This cross flow of ventilation principle will result in a lower ambient temperature, the roofspace will no longer be like a sauna!

Furthermore with our roof ventilation kits you can select if you wish to have the kit suitable for hard wiring with a temperature controlled thermostat, or for DIY installation meaning the fan comes with a flex and plug. The thermostat means the fan will kick in when the roofspace reaches a certain temperature, whereas the plug option can be wired to a switch or possibly plugged into a 24 hour timer.

In summary reducing roof space heat buildup prevents trapped hot air from warming ceilings and radiating back into your living areas – installing a system like ours will make air conditioning systems more efficient during the summer and in warm climates.

Introducing The TT Silent

If you are in the market for a really quiet inline fan and if noise really is the determining factor then the new TT Silent 150mm Inline fan may be the perfect choice for you!

The TT Silent is a quiet inline fan that can be used for a range of applications including bathroom exhaust, heat or general air transfer or pretty much any application that requires ventilation. This fan comes highly recommended for things like education establishments, libraries or home theaters but in reality it can be used anywhere if you want something quiet!

The TT Silent Inline fan is a innovative new product designed specifically to operate quietly. With a built in 50mm layer of mineral wool sound insulation this product ensures quiet operation without compromising on performance. The fan has a capacity of 555m3/hr on the highest speed and a dBA rating of only 33 (26 on the lower speed). Most fans on the market with a comparable capacity will be around the 50dBA mark! The fan is a great choice for the noise conscious.

Cutting Edge Silent Engineering…..


  • The external casing is made of polymer-coated steel.
  • The inner casing perforation lets sound waves pass through the holes and fall at a specific angle to the sound-absorbing layer. The casing is internally heat and the sound insulated with 50mm mineral wool layer.
  • The specially perforated casing and sound-absorbing material provide sound attenuation in a broad frequency band. The inner casing and the impeller are made of high-quality durable plastic.