Heat Transfer Kits


Heat transfer systems (or air transfer kits) are designed to take warm air from a room with a heat source (something like a wood burner, large fireplace or stove) and transfer this warm air to other rooms in the house. A popular choice for transferring heat is to warm a bedroom before you go to bed, but practically they can be used to take the chill out of any room that does not have its own heat source.

Heat transfer kits are ideal for homes that have open fires or wood burners!

These systems are practical and relatively energy efficient for many reasons. Firstly it means you do not need to install additional heating equipment in other rooms, which saves you the initial expense and running costs involved with this. Secondly, you are transferring heat at its highest point in the source room via the ceiling vent. This means you are making better use of this existing heat. Thirdly the system can also be used to transfer cool air, or to simply provide a cross flow of ventilation throughout the house. The improved circulation of warm dry air can be very beneficial.

Pure Ventilation Tip: It’s best to install the intake grille opposite your heat source (as shown in the heat transfer diagram above). This will allow the room with the heat source to get warm before you transfer the hot air!

At Pure Ventilation we stock heat transfer kits for transfer from one to one room all the way up to one to four rooms and everything inbetween. Our kits all come with the highest quality inline fans, with ball bearing motors suited for continuous running. Furthermore we always supply insulated ducting with our kits, this is essential as it helps retain the heat. BEWARE of cheaper alternatives; non-insulated ducting will not work as effectively! All ceiling diffusers can be manually controlled, meaning you can completely shut one off by rotating the centerpiece (perfect for seldom used living areas such as guest rooms).

You can view our comprehensive range of pre packaged heat transfer kits here.

Optional accessories include a thermostat or speed controller. A thermostat will automate the system, meaning the fan will kick in once the room with the heat source reaches the defined temperature. The speed controller gives you the ability to control the speed of the fan, which may be appropriate if you do not want to run the fan at full speed all of the time. Otherwise you can simply just have your electrician wire the fan to a simple on/off switch.

You can view all accessories here.

Last year we sold many of these kits to lots of happy customers:

Adam from New South Wales Wales:

“We have the Pure Ventilation kit installed, it seems to work great!. We have the thermostat wired in the living room and it kicks in at about 25 degrees (you can set it to anything from 0-30).”

“Installation was pretty simple – we had an electrician wire the fan but I put everything in place (simply cut holes in the plaster for the vents, connecting ducting and everything else was simple!)”