Installing a bathroom exhaust fan can be a simple procedure, however careful thought must go in to the positioning of the fan before you get out the hacksaw and cut a hole in your ceiling! A common question we receive at Pure Ventilation HQ is ‘where should I position my bathroom exhaust fan?’ read below for some of our recommendations:

you want to ensure the location of the fan provides good air flow through the room. Mechanically exhausted air needs to be replaced with dry fresh air – this is usually drawn from the small gap under the door, a vent in the door or possibly a window. Ideally the exhaust fan would be positioned opposite this source of fresh air which promotes a cross flow of ventilation. This ‘cross breeze’ will assist greatly in removing the steam, vapor and odors from the room.

Secondly consider a location that allows for the shortest, most direct route to the external vent if you are ducting the fan. Most ceiling mounted exhaust fans are only capable of being ducted a few meters, so it is essential to ensure the duct run to the outside is not overly excessive as this will effect the performance of the exhaust fan. If you are using an inline fan generally they can be ducted longer lengths depending on the motor, these are often a better option of you have an excessive duct run (4m+).

Before putting a hole in the ceiling it is advised to get in the cavity to ensure there are no obstructions present. The last thing you want to do is cut through something like an electrical wire, joist or other ducting etc. Better to check now than damage something important up there!

Once you have selected the location simply cut the required hole (most fans come with a cutout template that you can use). You can then attach ducting if required and your external vent. Secure the system using duct tape.

At Pure Ventilation we have a huge range of ceiling mounted bathroom exhaust fansand also inline fan systems designed to effectively ventilate your bathroom.

Remember any electrical work needs to be performed by a qualified electrician.

Do you struggle getting ready in the morning with a bathroom mirror that’s engulfed in fog? Good ventilation from an exhaust fan is a great way to combat steam, however fog can still reside on your mirrors. A mirror demister can be a great complimentary product to an exhaust fan to make sure your mirrors stay clear for your morning shave, hair and makeup needs.

Mirror demisters are an easy and effective solution to ensuring your bathroom mirrors stay clear and free from steam or condensation. Mirror demisters are simply applied to the rear of the mirror.  Two sizes are available, however if you have a larger mirror area you can get your electrician to wire a combination together.

Condensation? Mould? Mildew? Dampness?

Are you seeing water on the inside of your windows? Condensation can be a big problem especially in winter when moisture found in the air collides with cold surfaces. Many households find condensation on windows and walls that can potentially cause harmful mould and mildew build-up. Small apartments are often prime spaces for mould because of the confined space where steam cannot escape.

By adjusting the temperature and humidity of your home, you can significantly reduce your home’s condensation levels.

Helpful Products

At Pure Ventilation, we stock a large range of ventilation products that will work to reduce the humidity in your home. If you want a “plug-in and go” DIY solution, make sure you have a power point located where you wish to install the exhaust fan, make sure the product comes with a flex and plug accessory and able to be installed this way rather than requiring hard-wiring by an electrician. If you have any doubt, consult your electrician.

Bathroom Condensation

If your bathroom is not well ventilated you may notice a high humidity, damp walls and condensation on windows.

We have a range of exhaust solutions and specific bathroom combo exhaust fans that will help to reduce the moisture build up.

Dampness In The Home

If you are feeling dampness in your home, this could be due to a lack of ventilation. A great place to start is ceiling, wall and window exhaust fans to help decrease the moisture in your home.

Subfloor – Dampness Under Your House

We have put together sub floor ventilation kits that will work to help reduce underfloor damp areas.

Rising Damp

Rising damp is a very real issue as it can cause structural damage.

Structural dampness is the presence of unwanted moisture in the structure of a building, either the result of intrusion from outside or condensation from within the structure.

To help reduce dampness in your home and reduce your chances of getting into problems with structural damage, combat your ventilation today! If you are not sure what products will suit your needs, we have ventilation experts here to help.

As Australia’s leading ventilation and exhaust fan specialist – any questions feel free to contact us!

The importance of a bathroom fan

Bathroom exhaust fans are hugely important! When you have a hot shower or bath this generates large amounts of excess steam and moisture, generally you will notice the mirror fogging up straight away! This steam and moisture will also collect on the walls and ceiling. If there is no means of this excess moisture escaping you will most certainly experience a build up of mould and mildew, which will have adverse effects on your bathroom, both visually and potentially structurally. Moisture will swell and rot wood, peel paint and wallpaper from your walls and slowly deteriorate plaster or wallboard. It will get behind tiles and begin to loosen them – basically inadequate ventilation spells the beginning of the end for your nice shiny bathroom!

Cant I just open a window to ventilate my bathroom?
No for a couple of reasons: firstly a open window will not provide the same level of air circulation as an exhaust fan. Secondly, its not always convenient to have a window open in the bathroom! You will be glad you have your exhaust fan on those cold winter mornings for example, or even on those rainy days! Not to mention the privacy issues (not ideal in a bathroom :) ). By mechanically pulling air from the bathroom you will noticeably reduce the humidity level, therefore alleviating all of the problems mentioned in the above paragraph.

How to pick the right exhaust fan:

The primary concern is to ensure the fan is appropriately sized for your room. A tiny little toilet will require a much smaller capacity fan than a multi cubicle bathroom for example. The basic steps required in picking out the correct exhaust fan are:

  • Determine what variant of exhaust is required and how it will be mounted (eg wall, ceiling, window etc)
    Calculate the area being exhausted in meters (Length x Width x Height). This will give you a figure in m3 (cubic meters).
  • Multiply this with the number of air-changes required (8 for a subfloor/meeting area, 13-15 for a bathroom/toilet, 15+ for smoke exhaust). If you like to have long, hot showers or are concerned about steaming up the bathroom then please use a figure of 20 – 30 air changes per hour.
  • Determine whether to duct directly into the roof space, duct out through the roof or through a wall/eve. Most exhaust fans are ductable and in an ideal world you would have all exhausted air going straight outside via an external wall vent or roof cowl for example.

At Pure Ventilation we stock a huge range of bathroom fans to suit your needs!

Now you know why its important to have a bathroom exhaust fan and your armed with the knowledge of how to pick a fan you can click on the relevant link below to be taken to our online store! Our website has lots of tools to help you narrow your search – look out for the ‘interactive expert’ on the left hand side, or as we like to call him ‘online Andy’. He will help narrow your search by things like exhaust fan capacity, colour and hole size!:

So I have picked my fan – what now?
Generally your fan will need to be installed by a qualified electrician to ensure warranty validity and ultimately your safety! How the fan operates is your choice, many people opt for the fan to be wired in with the light switch, meaning its guaranteed to come on each time you turn the light on. However this may not be preferable if you dont want it coming on every time you need to use the toilet! It can also be wired to an independent switch, alternatively we can put a plug on most fans meaning you can just plug it into any standard powerpoint like most electrical items.We also sell optional timers if you wish the fan to continue operating after turning the switch off. The choice is yours!

As Australia’s leading ventilation and exhaust fan specialist – any questions feel free to contact us!