New Silent Sub Floor Ventilation Kits

Many customers are after a sub floor ventilation solution that is quiet. The main reasons for this are the fan motor may be installed within relatively close proximity to a living space, such as a living room or bedroom. For them it is important to not be able to hear the motor in any way, both in terms of a motor humming or airflow flowing through it.

A quiet solution to ventilating your underfloor area

We are pleased to introduce our new range of silent underfloor ventilation kits. Our quiet sub floor kits include the popular TT Silent Mixflow inline fan. This fan has been specifically engineered to operate very quietly and has the decibel figures to back this up. For example the 150mm model is rated at only 33 dB(A) when wired to the high speed, which is very quiet indeed. Our silent kits are designed to service large underfloor areas, despite being quiet they are also still powerful motors capable of helping eliminate any issues you may have in your sub floor area such as dampness or mould growth.

New product for 2014 – The Edmond’s Sub Floor Ventilation fan is a three speed economical fan suitable for ventilating your sub floor space. The fan is available in white or brown and is very easy to install as it comes with a lead and plug – no electrician is required to install this sub floor exhaust fan. The fan is equipped with the latest technology, featuring a highly energy efficient 24w DC motor that is capable of a high 730 m3/hr capacity on the high speed.

Features at a glance:

  • High energy efficiency – can run 24/7
  • Removes damp stale air and reduces mould build up from your sub floor
  • Very low running costs
  • High flow rates
  • Easy and safe to install – No electrician required
  • Designed to run in moist environments
  • Quiet operation
  • Slim lourve design
  • Comes in 2 colours (this listing is for the white model) but can be easily painted to suit

The fan can also be adapted to supply fresh air as well as exhaust, this is simply changed by removing the cover and installing it on the other side of the motor. The attractive low profile design makes this fan a popular choice for sub floor ventilation – the fan is also available in two colours (white and brown). The cover can also be powder coated to suit your requirements (this is not a service we provide).

Sub Floor Fan Performance Data:

  • Low Speed: 280 m3/hr – 4.4 watts – 32.8 dB(A)
  • Medium Speed: 457 m3/hr – 11.6 watts – 43 dB(A)
  • High Speed: 734 m3/hr – 30 watts – 53.5 dB(A)

View all of our sub floor ventilation products here.

Frequently Asked Questions About this Underfloor Fan

Do I need an electrician to Install the ECOFAN?
If you have an available powerpoint that can be reached then no electrician is required. If a powerpoint is unavailable then an electrician will be required to install one.

Can I wire the fan directly into the mains power?
No, you must use the supplied power supply and speed controller for the ECOFAN to work correctly. Failure to do so may damage the product and void the warranty.

Can I duct the ECOFAN?
Yes the ECOFAN can be ducted in either exhaust mode or inlet mode by slipping 250mm diameter ducting over the lip of the motor and fixing in place with duct tape.

Can I paint the ECOFAN?
Yes standard spray paint can be used to paint the ECOFAN. No plastic primer is required, however the surface must be clean before paint application. Do not get any paint on the motor or fan module. This product should be disassembled to facilitate easier painting.

DIY Sub Floor Ventilation Kits are Great Value for Money!

This year we are pleased to announce we will be stocking the complete range of Fanco Sub Floor Ventilation kits. These kits are pre packaged and are designed for DIY installation, meaning they can be installed relatively easy by a competent handyman (all you need is a powerpoint in the sub floor area).

The kits come with everything you need to install and the fans supplied are quality, metal centrifugal inline fans. Furthermore all components of the kit are of the highest quality, meaning a Fanco system is a great, low cost alternative to expensive tailored solutions that may require a site visit.

You can view all kit options and read more about the principles behind sub floor ventilation here.

If you wish to take a look at the Fanco Sub Floor kit brochure click here (this is in the form of a PDF document).

The kits are designed to service a range of areas, from 60m3 up to 200m3. The components in the kit have been selected to provide you with the adequate number of air changes per hour based on the corresponding sub floor area size.

We also have all the components available to purchase individually if you wish to put your own kit together or need something for a larger space:

Inline Fans – Click here

Accessories – Click here

If you have any questions about sub floor ventilation we can easily be contacted.

Inadequate sub floor ventilation can cause many long term issues, a badly ventilated sub floor will become a breeding ground for mould which may lead to rotting and serious structural issues. This week Andy looks into sub floor ventilation.

The purpose of a underfloor ventilation system for your home is to extract the damp, humid air and to displace it with fresh air from and into the sub-floor area.

In some houses there is little underfloor ventilation, typical causes are:

  • There are very few or no vents.
  • Vents are often too small, inadequately sized or can become blocked over time.
  • There are vents on only one side – which can lead to ‘dead space’.
  • There are heating ducts or other obstacles that may block the air.

At Pure Ventilation we recommend fan assisted (mechanical) ventilation. This will help in most cases providing a few simple rules are followed. The most important factor to consider is ultimately you are looking to achieve a good cross flow of ventilation. So in a nutshell you want fresh air to be able to enter the sub floor area with the stale air being exhausted out, creating a cycle. Strategically placed passive inlet vents with an inline fan is usually the setup we recommend. At Pure Ventilation we make selecting the appropriate kit easy click here to view our full range of kits.

It is best to extract air from the sub floor as blowing in via a fan may result in some of the moist air getting into the house. It is best to run the fan during the day as the air is dryer and warmer and we usually recommend having the fan run for about 4 hours per day. Running costs are very low, based on operating for 4 hours per day every day your only looking at $10 – $60 per year depending on the type of fan used.

One option for subfloor fans is a low voltage (12V) fan. These fans can replace a vent (and some bricks) and they are ideal where there is no access to the under floor. They can take a short length of duct and can do smaller areas. The fan will need a transformer (included) which is connected to a power point.

The most powerful option is to use a centrifugal in-line fan. It can installed anywhere along the ducting and can be connected to a single inlet or to various inlets. This type of fan will move a large amount of air with long lengths of ducting and multiple vents connected to it.