Silent Sub Floor Ventilation

silent sub floor ventilation

New Silent Sub Floor Ventilation Kits

Many customers are after a sub floor ventilation solution that is quiet. The main reasons for this are the fan motor may be installed within relatively close proximity to a living space, such as a living room or bedroom. For them it is important to not be able to hear the motor in any way, both in terms of a motor humming or airflow flowing through it.

A quiet solution to ventilating your underfloor area

We are pleased to introduce our new range of silent underfloor ventilation kits. Our quiet sub floor kits include the popular TT Silent Mixflow inline fan. This fan has been specifically engineered to operate very quietly and has the decibel figures to back this up. For example the 150mm model is rated at only 33 dB(A) when wired to the high speed, which is very quiet indeed. Our silent kits are designed to service large underfloor areas, despite being quiet they are also still powerful motors capable of helping eliminate any issues you may have in your sub floor area such as dampness or mould growth.