Commercial Wall And Pedestal Fans For A Gym, Warehouse or Industrial Environment

Do you need a cooling fan for your gym, warehouse or commercial environment? At Pure Ventilation we have a wide range of commercial wall and pedestal fans designed for use in such areas. The following post will briefly explain why these products are so well suited for this application, along with detailing the range of products we have.

Why use a Pure Ventilation Commercial Fan?

Typically, for example a cooling fan in a gym will need to be operating for most of the day. Our commercial grade fans have motors designed for continuous operation, meaning they are designed to withstand the test of time. The all metal, commercial/industrial grade oscillating propeller fans move high volume air and are capable of continuous operation. Ideal for warehouses, gyms, pubs, halls, factories, outdoors, etc. Most fans will also have multiple speed settings, meaning you can adjust the speed of the fan as per your requirements. Finally you will also find oscillation functionality to ensure your fan covers a larger area. Finally all of our commercial fans are very easy to install – they come with a lead and plug so as long as you have a powerpoint located near the fan its a case of plug and play!

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Which size fan do I need?

Most people find the following diagram very helpful – it illustrates the distance of air throw in relation to all three sizes of the Fanco commercial fan range (20″, 25″ and 30″). You will also find the dimensions of the Fanco commercial wall and pedestal fans:

commercial fans air flow