Ductable vs Non-Ductable Ceiling Exhaust Fans

Many older style ceiling exhaust fans are non ductable, meaning they simply exhaust into the roofspace. Here we will briefly take a look at the difference between a ductable fan and non ductable exhaust fan and the benefits of each model.

Non Ductable Fans

As mentioned non ductable fans simply exhaust into the roofspace. For this to be a viable solution you would need to have a well ventilated roofspace in the first place to avoid problems down the track. This is an easier system to install as you do not have to connect ducting and an external vent.

Ductable Fans

Most modern fans on the market are now what you would call ‘ductable’. This means they have an outlet on the motor allowing for connection to flexible ducting. Depending on the model this duct size will generally be either 100mm, 125mm or 150mm for a domestic exhaust fan. Our most popular choice as a ductable fan is the Luna andMetro range, as they come with a back draft shutter and operate quietly. The obvious benefit of a ducted system is the exhausted air is going straight to the outside and not into the roofspace.

I want to replace my old non ductable fan for a ducted system…

This can be easily done – firstly you would need to measure the hole size of your old fan, so remove it completely and measure the diameter of the hole. You can then visit our range of ceiling exhaust fans and pick a fan with the same hole size. You would then need to run ducting from the fan to your external vent. At Pure Ventilation we stock a huge range of accessories to go with your fan, you can view all of this here.