Externally Mounted Vents – A Brief Overview…

With your exhaust system it is common and good practice to vent the system outside, either via an external wall, eave or through the roof.

At Pure Ventilation we sell a wide range of externally mounted vents suitable for wall or under eave installation. You can view our range of vents by clicking here In this blog post we will briefly take a look at the most common choices and the differences between them….

Vent with Gravity Operated Shutters

These are a popular choice because they have gravity operated shutters to ensure the vent is closed when the fan is not in operation. Typically they are available in plastic and metal in a number of different sizes. They may be a popular choice if your exhaust fan or system does not have a backdraft shutter. The gravity vent also stops cold air and pests from entering the system.

Fixed Louvre Vent

This is the standard vent design and unlike a gravity vent this can be placed under an eave. We sell models with built in flyscreens, which act as protection against pests. These are typically available in plastic and metal.

Vents with Protective Covers

These vents are only available in metal and provide good protection against the elements. The two models that we sell are also suitable for use in bush fire prone areas as they contain a built in cinder mesh.

Finally if you wish to vent through a roof you would need to use one of our roof cowl kits.