New Fanco Semi Commercial Wall Fans for Summer 2015/16!!!

Introducing the brand new Fanco Semi Commercial wall fans!

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The Semi Commercial wall fan is the newest addition to our 2015/16 summer cooling range. The fan is easy to install (no electrician required) simply mount the fan via the bracket provided and plug it in to a power point close to the installation location. Once installed the wall fan can be operated via the provided pull cord easily and conveniently. The fan also has the ability to oscillate, meaning it can cover a larger area. The fan has proved popular for applications such as cooling a garage, gyms, fitness studios or even commercial workplaces such as a warehouse.

The fan comes in an attractive black finish with silver blades. Its a modern, sleek design. To top things off the commercial wall fan is a great air mover whilst doing so with minimum noise generated. The fan has three selectable speeds which gives you great control over the amount of airflow.