New OVP 2E High Capacity Low Pressure Axial Inline Fan

The new OVP 2E IS A 200mm inline fan which can be used to supply and exhaust ventilation systems for various premises where high air capacity at relatively low system resistance is required. The fan performs best when there is a requirement for a high capacity fan with a limited/very short duct run.

The fan is high quality, casing and blades are made of polymer coated steel. The fan casing sides have 30 mm deep corrugation for convenient attachment to the air ducts.
The OVP Axial inline series fans feature an external terminal box mounted to the fan casing.

This fan is equipped with a 2 pole single phase motor. The motor is also a high quality ball bearing motor, with a long service life designed to last for at least 40 000 hours. Finally the motor is IP 44 rated.